Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 13, 2017

The Sharp Pebble…~by Lopamudra Mishra



The Sharp Pebble…

Image may contain: people standing, flower, plant, nature and outdoor

The road of soft red petals,
You laid on surface as a carpet ,
For me ,to give comfort to my feet,
Is very beautiful and soft,
My cushy steps were so acquainted,
With its cushion,
I hardly felt the sharp pebble hide beneath,
The spongy belt of rose petals,
The intoxication of alluring breeze,
Is captivating yet tantalising,
I swing with the enthralling beauty,
Never in my dreams wink a thought,
About the sharp edge drubbing under the sheath,
When my delighted feet got injured,
To my utter surprise,
The red leaflet ingest my red blood particles,
With its colour ,the merge of two same colour,
Is hardly noticeable to strangers,
I decided to keep noiseless about the inflicting soreness.
Then applied ointment hoping for soothing effect.

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