Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 14, 2017

LOVE~by Dipankar Sadhukhan




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Who says, “Love is gained easily;
One may be a true lover at his will;
At shopping mall like the garments of jeans
Love is sold”?

One doesn’t need to be handsome
To be a true lover.
Without using jeans and a smart phone
One can be a true lover.

Does any outer beauty matter in love?
How many people know which is called beauty?
Is it beauty which changes
With the course of Time?

Love is not like vegetables
Which are purchased with money
At market so easily.
Love can’t be gained without meditation.

The unbreakable kinship of two minds,
The perpetual understanding of two hearts
And the eternal union of two souls
Are called true love.

Love is infinite like the sky.
It is unfathomable like the ocean.
It is higher than the mountain.
It is as sacred as a child’s smile.

No distance except misunderstanding
Can trouble two true lovers.
That which is touchable is not love.
Love is the matter of meditation and realisation.

When two hearts get oneness
And feel the presence of God, it is called love.
This moment never fades away
And the couple can become true lovers.

Once I dreamt that I would be a true lover
And I have achieved my goal.
Your unconditional and unending love
Has made me a true lover.

How many men gain such kind of love?
How many people can be true lovers?
Just a single out of a thousand.
No…it is less than that.

So sometimes I thank the Almighty
For having your love.
Spending few years on this earth
Means a lot to me because of your love.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.

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