Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2017

Cover Not My Sun~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Cover Not My Sun

When words flutter like a butterfly
And truth can easily glide into a lie
Shall an eagle refuse to see and fly
Shall a turtle hide in its shell to die?
Shall a poet break his neck like Eli?

Wind that comes out from mouth
Is soul’s fire from heart flowed out
Tongue that made the lips to shout
Drive all birds to fly beyond South
Who understands what it is about?

One message continuously sent
Yet lost for to deaf ears it went
Muffled the spirit words meant
Wiped off the blood one spent

What light can one leave behind
Words that can be seen by a blind
Yet make a seeing one go blind
Let Diogenes’ lamp a soul to find
That holds truth in heart and mind
Let not history our follies rewind

Yet who hears the words spoken by not a few?
Who sees the bigger picture with myopic view?
Is self-destruction human’s predestined due?
My simple, unlearned brain has not a clue
Cover not my sun with your adulterated hue

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