Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2017

Your presence!!~by Lopamudra Mishra



Your presence!!

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I saw you peeping me from the corridor,
My friends’ elbow slowly pinched me,
Indicating the knock of yours presence,
My heart beating raised to paint cheeks red,
I saw your staring eyes, unable to control my urge,
I pretended to focus on lectures, but drives my attention to you,
The spark in your eyes melted my hard surface,
Every day I feel your flash ,current runs from my eyelash,
You stand silent, but my mind torments with thoughts hundred,
We never chatted perhaps a bond is created,
The eyes exchanged our hearts, it acted so fast,
Being habituated to your punch of presence,
I feel special in my acquaintance,
Days rolled with same prop of meeting eyes,
Silently searching the accurate time to fly the kites,
My heart sank when my friends show your picture in newspaper clip,
The news buried there as you are handcuffed for terrorist gear,
My goodness! , all my cheers buried to tears,
I fell for you just for the sparkling flash,
May be my infatuation killed my lenses,
The news stated you misguided youth,
Handsome chap! why we college guys?, We are innocent killer in your trap,
NO , not politics, n bloodshed, we are still in rosy dreams,
That’s why you tapped softly to my heart. Please spare the innocent hearts

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