Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2017

MY HEART BEATS FOR YOU~by Tulsi Shrestha




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I can’t afford a gold necklace for you
Nor can I buy any dream land for you
My sweet heart beats for you
Isn’t it precious gift for you ?

My love dwells in my ceaseless heart
Hence, love is still language of my heart
I love you, because I understand you
The beginning and end of life, are you.

I can walk , daily a mile for you
To bring dew – drenched rose for you
Watch my eyes that smile for you
And lips that plant sweet kiss for you.

Let me sing a love song for you
Along with the melody of my heart beats
Let wind blow, message of love for you
My soul dances with joy for you.

None is there, indeed in this world
One who honours you with one’s soul
I can smell the perfume of your breath
I can listen beats of your heart.

Beneath the shade of your sweet love
I love you until the Sun stops burning
My heart always bathes with your love
Hence you are essence of my own life.

By Tulsi Shrestha.
Www.poemhunter. com


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