Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2017

Outlook ~ (# quatrain roll)~by Nandita Samanta



Outlook ~
(# quatrain roll)

You see the dusk in water colours
I have seen it in blood and bone
You enjoy the west wind in summer
I survive fighting a whirlwind cyclone .

You hear Beethoven’s 9th Symphony
I hear only the skylark’s trill
Your nights melt into piquant willowy
Into mine the winds flinch,stand still.

All the while wiled by welter
Under the naked sky ,hundred worries to kill
See the birds fly back to shelter
Faith in me, keeps my heart beating still

No home to return, no fire to burn
Watch ,vaunted compounds you do flaunt
With pathways less than me broken
Big gates and walls to keep me out.

Human you and human me
One born in riches, one in grasps of poverty
From behind the walls you can’t see
In fear of loss you suffer more, nothing to lose I live free…..

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