Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2017

I’am Death~by Melvina Germain



I’am Death

I’am death, destruction sees me
as a destroyer in the eyes of darkness
however the wise know I’m peace
beyond this world of confusion.

I’m not a delusion nor an imagination
that grows wild in the complexity of
minds. My image has no single face,
I’m all faces of humankind, for all must
pass through me in order to reach the apex
of their true destiny.

I’m your wonder, perhaps your fear.
I’m at the end of life, the invisible Blessing
meeting you after earth closes its door.
The inevitable silently awaiting the forefront of
Heavens entrance after walking along earths shore.

Call me the reliever who releases your pain,
the triumph of earthly life ending and the gift
to a new beginning, an eternal flow Blessed
by Father God’s infinite reign.

One must not hasten to meet me
your time lies in the hands of the master
of our universe, such an amazing Blessing
all will ultimately see.

In euphoria you’ll find me in the beauty
of your last breath and enter the road of
infinity while it runs smooth the river of
Heaven’s stream, and all you wished for
shall unfold victoriously as if in a dream.

A welcoming celebration awaits you when
you leave my embrace for I’am smiling
though one never sees my face. I’am death,
the endless train ride that never stops, the
hovering cloud stirring soft and slow, the
warmth of every teardrop.

You’ll feel me when the wind blows, no
reason why and my soft scent will become
your awe as it arrives from God’s glorious sky.
Teach yourself to understand me, know that
no one shall ever escape me. Be ready when
my bell rings and you hear voices of Heavens
Angels sing. I await you in every corner of
the world. May you come with me in peace,
man, woman, boy or girl.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: January 20/2017

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