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Knowing your American Heroes ~ COCHISE (1812-1874) ~ by rldubour

Friday!! Time for an American Hero! Today is:


Knowing your American Heroes

COCHISE (1812-1874)

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He led the Chiricahua Apaches
And waged a ten year war for his beliefs.
His name and exploits are legendary.
Known as the greatest Apache Chief

Born on the land we now call Arizona
There are no records of his younger days
Cochise the nephew of Mangas Coloradas
Chief Colorades taught him the Apache ways.

At the Apache pass stagecoach station
Of the Butterfield Overland line.
Cochise was employed as a woodcutter
He had worked there for quite some time.

Being blamed for crimes he did not commit
His people died for things they had never done.
He swore revenge and waged relentless war
Now on a war path the year eighteen sixty-one.

Long after other tribes have given up
Their homeland gone and moved to reservations.
Cochise would keep fighting valiantly
Would not surrender his Apache Nation.

With less than two hundred warriors
He held the U.S. Cavalry at bay.
For ten years he fought the U.S. Army
Like the wolf he’d strike and get away.

Recognized as the most powerful chief
In helping his people to survive.
Never trusting the white man’s honesty
Considered a legend even while alive.

Cochise was known for his great courage
His integrity and military skill.
Even after years of fighting
No one made this man go against his will.

A man by the name of Thomas Jeffords
Made friends and would be the key to peace.
He accompanied General Howard
To the mountain stronghold of Cochise.

The year was eighteen hundred seventy two
On a reservation Cochise agreed.
Howard promised a place from his native land
After these talks this war chief did concede.

The day he died his face painted for war
He, His horse, dog and weapons laid beside.
A handful of the deadliest fighting men
After burying him in secrecy~~ they cried.

After the death of this mighty leader
The Apaches were moved to another land
The south eastern most part of Arizona
Another broken promise now at hand.

In life and death he is a legend
Resting with the spirits that set him free.
The greatest chief of all Apaches
A hero in Native American’s history.


SOURCES: Webster’s American Biographies; Cambridge Dictionary of American
Cochise – his name and exploits were legendary even during his lifetime; today he remains one of the most important names in America’s Western history.
As chief of the Chiricahua Apache in the 1860’s and 70’s, Cochise led his people in their valiant attempt to retain their freedom and continue with their traditional lifestyle. “The Apaches want to run around like a coyote,” Cochise once said. “They don’t want to be put in a corral.”
And so the Chiricahua Apache chief fought on, long after other tribes had given up their homelands and moved to the reservations. With his band of less than 200 followers, he held the U.S. Army at bay for over ten years before finally agreeing to a peace treaty in 1872, and initially securing a reservation for his people in the same area where they lived, not in some far-off location. At the height of his power, Cochise led not only his own Chiricahua Apaches but also the warriors of other Apache bands, and today is recognized as one of the most powerful war chiefs in all of history.

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