Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 22, 2017

You are fortunate~by Aarti Mittal


Inspired by my dear Nutan Sarawagi


You are fortunate

You are fortunate
That your roads lead to your mother ‘s home
In her heart
Not all are that lucky
That they can roam alone
In their mother’s heart
Or cry in her

There are many
Who have lost their way
To their mother’s home
To their mother’s heart

They have no arms to embrace
No hands to wipe their tears
They just heard bullets
The yells
The cries
The shrieks
That shuddered them with fear
They have lost the smiles
That warms
That cuddles
They have lost their love
Now they know only lonliness
Hopes forlorn
For sake of religion
Caste, Creed
For sake of heedless heed
May be the morons need

Yes you are fortunate
Your road leads to your
Mother’s home
Mother’s love
Mother’s heart

I too have lost it
For sake of
Dignity fake

But I see it in yours
In everybody
Who have lost their mothers. ..

Aarti Mittal

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