Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2017

THE DIALOGUE II: Work~by Tukur Loba Ridwan




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i need to breathe my heat away
from the lungs of my father’s father’s toil.
if man must not live by bread alone
then why die by the stripes of strife alone too
when work would only outlive a soul?
this land has become the footprints of my
languishing lineage & the untold slavery
that crampled it’s arms by the strain
of little-pay-for-more-moils.
my steps are now sieved in the tongues
of mockery – ise l’ago n se ku –
till death does a clock watches time.
why should man die by work alone
when an elephant could only reap an ant’s portion
for his herculean struggles on a farmland?
let me live a life without a hoe
let me die without a cutlass by my side
& inhale more comfort from the exhales
of the future:
work would only outlive a soul
at the end of the day.
thrash these thoughts of yours on time
& be not a vagabond that struts about
blindly in a world pregnant with sights of fruits
borne by the labour of those unlike you!
or what shall it profit a man that rests
without a taste of fatigue?
– rather be a clock that counts the means
of time, than a horse filling a blank page
in fine arts of inaction –
why choose to be the impotent that boasts
of his size in the face of severe shame?
you choose to tread the steps of those
who but gulps from the falls of fun,
without knowing the rituals they fulfilled
– you walk in the shadows of other men’s
greed – you have become a follower
of leaders without a light of direction.
why saunter about like a dust from
the throat of a wind
when you could have been a rain
that whets seeds into blooms and fruition & more…
have you forgotten how much of penury
you could cure with just an harvest?
every fruit of labour is an antidote for lack,
but how could these fruits be reaped without a sow?
get to work & sow a seed,
then you shall reap the fruits.

O’real © 2017.

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