Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2017

Death of a drinker~by rldubour



Death of a drinker

Image result for a dead body in a casket with a bottle of booze

You hear this much to often, that so and so has passed away.

And they died from drinking it put them in their grave.

Some just think of drinking as a social thing to do.

You want to learn what it does? Take a look in any I.C.U.

Drinking starts out as a crutch, helps forget about their troubles.

They can’t see that every drink makes their troubles double.

The more they drink the more they want now it’s a disease.

And without help they can not stop, this they do not see.

Everyday they lose a little they don’t know what’s in store.

Their job, their home, their family and a whole lot more.

Without help they cannot stop and all will feel defeat.

Stopping is not an option, they passed their last retreat.

The liver fails to function, vital organs shutting down.

Lose of weight and turning yellow much to late to turn around.

A truly senseless way to die, no one deserves all this.

As they lie unconscious with a morphine drip.

To dull the pain that they must feel, this is their reward.

To die a self inflected death drinking was their sword.

So if you have a loved one that is heading down this path.

Try and be there for them, for alone they can’t come back.

You hear this much to often that so and so passed away.

And they died from drinking, it put them in their grave.

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