Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2017

THE WIND~by Tulsi Shrestha




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I am homeless and formless identity
I am a living soul, for perpetual entity
I am a breath of life,a part of existence
I blow throughout world for subsistence.

I glorify myself as a symbol of liberation
I carry the message of love and freedom
I am faith of wings ,for your destination
Fly above the sky, it is your ambition

I am creator of melody of human life
I travel through the surface of music
With the rhythmical flow of rhymes
Sound of love spreads through me.

I love any one else who lives in the earth
It is pure and platonic, not a skin love
I can feel everyone and anything else
But Alas ! I can not touch none of you

Who in the world , isn’t crazy of me ?
You all are free , to feel and love me
I am really ment for unconditional love
I dare to ask all of you – do you love me?

Leaves of tree whisper with my love
Meadows play with me swaying their wings
I entertain rain forest with howling sound
I do blow with perfumes of flowers
So that all of you can , inhale them

Women greet me with floating hair
Men welcome me with whistle of love
I do not make any discrimination
Between he and she, black and white
By Tulsi Shrestha

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