Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 27, 2017

Show me the little girl~by Payal Sunandan



Show me the little girl

A glimpse of country village
fringed with huge mango trees,
wandering in the cavities,
little girl from dusty humid streets.

Tawny wash of exhausted sun rays
sinking into the Alpheus’s salty sea,
odours of sardines and salgamas
and far six miles down, chanting of
psalms swimming in putrid brine
reaches little Padmini.

She asks her beloved grandmother
in a low rhyming voice candy-coated
with malleable hot jaggery,
what does my name mean?

Pride walks some years back,
invariable faith of the warm old hands,
held soft bones and flesh
offered by new mother lying disorderly
on the patch of linear consonants.

Coarse saintly words of old lady:
her face pleasing as full moon,
her skin is tender and radiant yellow,
reproducing the blossomed lotus bud,
she is perfumed like the lily just burst,
she will be clever and courteous,
respectful and religious,
grace amongst Brahmans,
name her Padmini, the lotus woman.


  1. I really like this. I think it evokes some nostalgia for me.

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