Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2017

Thunder~by rldubour




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Mankind had not learned how to hear
To what the heart so wants to say.
We dwell instead on yesterdays
and let our past get in the way.

Man has responsibility,
And it’s not for seeking power.
Some crawl like serpents filled with greed
What’s in their way they’ll devour.

We’ve lost the core of human life
To those who think that they are right.
Lay down your weapons gun and knife
Give peace a chance no need to fight.

This strangulation of mankind
Is breeding too much disrespect.
Discipline has now gone blind
Moral values are no longer checked.

We lost the meaning of human life
And every day we hear of this.
Too busy are the man and wife
The family word does not exist.

There is much work ahead for us
To learn and then to understand.
Let us not make the thunder fuss
We must put lightning in our hands.

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