Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 30, 2017

Amaranthine~by Nandita Samanta




The void you created I tried to hide
For years in tears unseen cried
The salty drops at times dried…
Filling the space left empty
With few cherishing memories of you and me
The evening strolls across Maidan, the Gorer Math
Hand in hand in moonlit Prinsep Ghat
Often we two ,the visitors of night
In awe watched Kolkata in her necklace of lights
Heard tinkles of trams, buses and cars honking loud
In symphony and sync crawled with the Kolkata crowd
Should Howrah Bridge be renamed Rabindra Setu?
Often a topic of debate, we fought and argued
From swanky Park Steet to New Market foot stalls
In our red hot passion painted them all
The City Of Joy shred skins of eras bygone
Then why do I feel so lovelorn,
Sink and drown in abysmal depths of memories fond ?
The twirl of uncharted waves
Through my heart’s vacuum rave
Giant swirls of thousand emotion’s dole
Twist life’s perception out of control
Lost I’m, as I traverse the nothingness galore
Blinded by the darkness as I reminisce more
You fall as a shadow in an equinox light
On the rugged ruins of a brazen night
As one of my most bizarre tribulation
Rippling on the vortex of time as reflection
The more I try easing destiny’s mitigation
The more excruciating is your absolute negation.

Copyright ©Nandita Samanta.

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