Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2017

Daily missive for Tuesday the 31st of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 31st of January.

We almost saw a sunset
Over the ocean
Steam rising as it plunged
But it hesitated
Too long
Hanging low for an eternity
Bleeding into the blue
The dream over
Before the fall.
The unkindest cut
Was to miss it
When we were ready
To step into the horizon
Sink into the dream
Taken by the roll
Of the sea
The music of the waves
Breaking on the shore line
The tinkle of single notes
Discordant voices
So many love songs
The swell too much
Sweeping them away
Before the tide turned.
Tequila cocktails
Waiting for sunrise
Over the lighthouse
On the point
As we danced
Together in the dark
Well lit
By silvered moonlight.
But it was a different dream
To wake from
At half past midnight
A stranger
Of my own making
In a deserted bedroom
With only the lazy swish
Of a weary fan
To break the silence.

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