Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 3, 2017

Beauty Sleeps~by Norman Wilson



Beauty Sleeps

Rise my dearest love before the mounting sun
Rise up from your yawning sleep
Lift your eyelids in chance of morning glow
With devotion to old dreams of promises to keep

Awake from yonder trap, so gently sweet
To be unbound from webs tied and tangled ineffectively
To happenings of growing shadows in darken eve
Where guardians of night are unharnessed stealth-fully

The cinders of stardust keep pooling in gatherings
Suppressed on every eyelash, I see fluttering
Chartering dark meteors sparkling in your eyes
Surrounded by a glossy blue burning deep inside
Boding evil lurks in the wraithlike night
By a carriage towed by winged-horses in quest of slumbers test
Below stars waking in transformation breezing in sea
Where my beauty sleeps in rest, next to me

Heightened in romance, in fields of yielded plaits of heather
Without obstruction, to the baying sounds of torrid passions lasting kiss
Cowing to new dreams, where I see her vaporous breath
Only to be known to the rising sun undressing us together in morning bliss

All rights reserved 01,29,17
Norman Franci

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