Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 3, 2017

Tell me the reason~by Arti Rai



Tell me the reason

“Why do you love me ?”
He asked .
‘Tell me the reason for your love “
He said again rigidly .
“No, there wasn’t as any”
I answered back and,
He yet looked for an answer.
Ah ,I found not a single reason .
It came to me as a wild wave
of ecstasy years ago .
As rains falling on the dried stem
Of dying rose plant
Which again gained a life
When all the drops had sunken down
And yet remained a few
That nurtured the skeleton
Into a body of flesh and soul .
I ponder why some drops stuck
while many sunk down,
I ponder why I stood like a beggar
Asking alms on the traffic -lights
When I knew you would go
Quickly drawing the glass of your
glittering car.
I pondered if unexpected rains
And holidays have reasons!
I’m still searching an answer
To his huge question
“Why do you love me ?”

Arti Rai.. copyright

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