Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 13, 2017

I am that I am~by Karen King



I am that I am

I spent many years of my life
Trying to “fit in”
Because that was expected;
To be “normal” and not question
People’s “reality”.
‘You cannot do the impossible,
You are not God.
You are just a normal person,
No one special,
Just do your typing and be quiet.
It’s “special” people who achieve
The health, the wealth, the happiness,
Peace and love they always wished for.’

Well, not anymore!
God is not some outside source,
God is within me,
God is within you,
God is everywhere.
God is here and now.

All time exists as one,
The past and present.
We all lead parallel lives.
Do not listen to other people,
Don’t let them discourage and contract you,
Don’t let them counteract you.
Abolish these people who spread darkness,
A darkness that seeps into your light,
A darkness that seeps into your life.

Just imagine the best for yourself in your mind,
Breath love into your body
And remember the magic words,
“I am that I am”
And you will have all you want.

Karen King Copyright 13 February 2017

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