Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 23, 2017

Your Negativity~by Karen King

Note – Don’t misinterpret this poem, it is NOT about a long-lost-love…



Your Negativity

Your negativity follows you down the road,
debilatating debris to be washed into the gutter
and into your overfull drains.
You stumble on in your self-made silence.
All the birds have flown away,
the trees hang their broken branches limply;
even the sun has lost its brightness.
The rain plods on, as if echoing your lost footsteps.
You have blocked light.
You have blocked life.
You have blocked love.
You don’t listen.
You don’t learn.
You are stuck.
You have tried to control me,
by pulling tightly on the reins,
but I have bolted and left
my stable prison.
You think you are the judge,
but I see only a criminal of the soul.
I am now judge and jury of my own life,
the cards are all coming up Aces
as I win with my own life time after time.

Karen King Copyright 22 February 2017

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