Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 24, 2017

LOST WITHOUT YOU…~ by suzette portes san jose

illustrated in a painting by suzette portes san jose


LOST WITHOUT YOU… by suzette portes san jose

for what we have is the passion for life
…we’ll do through and hardly we strife
for everything could be so rough
…we’ll do through and though so tough

stand for what was for real, and all so true
…for the heart to keep and rejoice
when there stood a dream without the blue
… would there be a haze in journey of choice
we travel elsewhere, head on hastily
…our eyes sets on the horizon endlessly
will hold on to each other and never fall
…with every thoughts and sight enthrall

to where time goes and cannot cease
keeping the heart close, away from freeze
from shadows of darkness a flame in sight
should we walk along in path of light
where i am, where i stand is all i knew
…in my thoughts, in my heart it is you
where i am, i’ll be lost without you
…in my life, in my world there, is you

where i am, i am nothing…
and so lost without you
…your heart…your touch…your love
you are what you mean to me…
…you are my everything

copyright 2/24 2017 5:38pm fri.
by suzette portes san jose


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