Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2017

In your love~by Nutan Sarawagi



In your love

In my love I took to you
in my hate I turned away from you
it was in that day we were made
as if for each other to take
you were my offence
I treated you in self defence
as you sparred me in your love
to hate me in your love

what had I done to you I wondered

what went wrong with you
I loved you more than me
in your love with me to be
then a hurricane blew all over
disaster struck it took over
your hate within me I suddenly began to see
it came tearing me
in your wrath took everything from me
now nothing remains but a weathered tree
broken down
can it be
whole again
it wonders now and again
fold me in your arms hold me just as me
I was born no more to be your hate within me
Hold me to never let go
Absolve me don’t blame …I did it all lovingly

What was born to be my destiny
Don’t envy me
It could have been your fate
If you had been made to wait
Holding them in you
to return
Loving them more than me
For they lived for you
Hoping you would one day return
In your wrath never turn
Love them more than anyone

But that day never came
in your hate life did rage
in it they aged with you to be
their dear daughter lovingly
always to be more than me
forget me
they live in you now more than me
their favourite daughter
holding you even more than me ..
lovingly you

for you were born to them
to mourn in me

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