Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2017

In your rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ~by Nutan Sarawagi



In your rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ

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As I lay next to you in my thoughts
in your love so lost
my thoughts hugging your thoughts
In a love that cannot be bought
a love fraught with love
forever sought

Loving you in my love so frail
long gotten never lost
in you to find my love at last

In its love frayed in your thoughts
Longings of love unwillingly fought
taking in you my fears to flee
It’s fears with you to be
Thinking of you in a love so free

In it waiting for you to awake
In your love my love to take
In your hands outstretching to me
In your love to take me with you
Touching me so close to you
Filling me with hopes of you
When you curled next to me
my arms in you
Holding me in your love
Cradling me
as I slept nestling in you
the whole night to wipe my tears
as I wept with you
As the sun came up in you
Lighting your face
so I could see the love in you
Singling me in your love of you
God saw me in you
In your love playing with you

In every kiss you gave me
my fairy mother in her wings flew me
to distant lands to dream of you
In your love to be with you
where life was fun
in its dream to be yet begun

Now those dreams have become distant in me
In you to see ..feel the distance in me
Bringing me forward just to feel me
In you to see me
To touch that thought to tell me
you ONCE loved me
In you as I flew in me
To thoughts of love
that secretly wept in me
Of you forever living with me

In a dolls world where ONLY you lived with me
To frighten the ghosts at night who scared me
In your lullaby taking away their fear from me
Now I cry for you in that night
When you held telling me not to be
To put away my thoughts
to flee
in my fears with your fears to be
In your love so pure
As you put me on your lap
To whisper in me
that when love is there
no fear can ever come near me

Now I wait in that night again
Hugging my fears
hoping you will once again
be that ‘ mamma ‘ once again
Who slept with me to never fear again
For you were my love fears to mend
In your love my fears to send
to life’s dead end

Come and be my love again
Don’t put me in your fear
You are not dead
You are my end
In its rainbows to see your colours
Flying me from one end
to see you at its other end
In its colours
never end



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