Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2017





Image may contain: cloud, sky, night, outdoor and water

Passion passion , oozes passion
Moon’s mischief, matchless matchless
Musky musky , meddlesome moonlight
Muzzy muzzy, face of darkness .

Melts and melts, in my mouth
Beaut a breeze’s , music murmur
Belts and belts a, sexy song out
Lissom a spring’s , luscious corner .

Lip-sync lip-sync , body’s lures
Lip-sync lip-sync, heart’s pickings
Turns the tide but, telling a truth
Touch a sore spot, all my thinkings .

“ Alone you are” – a little bird tells
And all to the bad, feel I so
Scratch around for, boozy your bosom
Get but into an, emptiness- flow .

Return hands, stretched my hands
Look down, on them, when my eyes
Lose I thought, my train of thought…..
See the world’s vicious vice .

See “ the Passion “, suffering sublime
On cross Jesus , on cross love
On earth, soul’s soliloquy-sonata
Blood of blossom…blob blob blob .

Curse I hunters, heinous hunters
Vaalmiki’s heir me, a heretic holiness
Curse I soulless, specious spadework-
Of this dead dark, discarded distress .

Passion passion, oozes passion
Locale, of my, lonesome heart
Feel I , fine a, transfiguration
In my bones a, startling start……….


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