Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2017

We Bow~by Glinjo Glinjo



We Bow

People are out there bowing and praying every night
For money or fame or maybe just to get it right
This life full of changes everyday -yes -no doubt
But we have the best thing ever- the ultimate Jesus clout

The problem with people? We let our worldly everyday get in the way
No time left to BowDown -no Jesus -and no time to pray
To busy are we procrastinating with World issues and self doubt
We don’t have time to contemplate the way to use our Jesus clout

Bow Down and join the group- the bended knee brigade
Jesus our only claim- here to ignite-legitimize the Jesus name
Bow Down? We do that because we have found our way
All that we are- or have- is only from his grace

No one out there to hear the words that I proclaim
Glinjo will still be here to represent his name
Cementing in my place right through that open door
Bow Down give praiZe- that’s what he made those knees for

Gloria TiBi Domine


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