Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2017

You Already Know~by Glinjo Glinjo



You Already Know

Straight up it’s a test
Already told you
Seats are fillin up fast
What will you do

Bottom line -a decision is in your sight
Or in your rear view
But if you listen still time
To join the Jesus crew
Don’t want to proclaim it to loud
Don’t wanna bend a knee ?
Another denied -made silver-ten times three

Maybe his name is a past you do not claim
All of this will still end in a blink -all the same
This world is not an endless maze
It had a start and it will fade
Will you hear pretty words or the message underneath
Glinjo is tellin you about the bequeath

Listen- I hope -if no -ok
His ears are always open- always on display
Come on it’s a bowdown dance crew
How many showin up for the preview?

We don’t apologize for our belief
Won’t antagonize to get your eyes to see
You must take this ride focused on the story
Bow Down
Give God back the glory

Gloria TiBi Domine


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