Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2017

FLAMINGO~by King Julian




Image may contain: bird, plant, outdoor and nature

Am a bird with a tale
Don’t confuse it with my tail
Or you might end up in jail
And a birds jail comes without any bail

So listen up and listen close
Just with your ears and not your nose
Both the amateurs and the pros
To a story am sure no one knows

It all started when I was born
In a barnyard where I do belong
In the early hours of dawn
During a heavy cascading storm

By now am sure I have you fooled
Either am smart or you are not too schooled
Birds aren’t born
They hatch from eggs
With their feathers all rustled
Looking like dreads

Don’t take it to heart
Just pulling on your legs
Am sure somewhere out there
A human can lay eggs

Now before you turn pale
Let me continue with my tale
For I can assure you
You will never get this in your mail

My name is Flamingo
I come in many colors
Except indigo
Am not a fruitarian
So I don’t eat any mango
Neither do I dance
So don’t play on your banjo

Am found in many places
With different height and faces
Am glad am not a racist
Like I’ll have many cases

There is one thing about me
That I have mastered from youth
I have two legs
But I stand on one foot

People ask why
And I let them know why
Very soon, the river will get dry
And tears would be so valuable
No one would cry

You don’t get it right?
Then let me switch on the light
All am trying to say
Without further delay
Is that things will go
From bad to worse
That’s how it has been
It is not a curse

History proves it
We are experiencing it
So I really think its best
If you prepare for it

A king will soon come
To reign on high
His wickedness alone
Will make you cry
With outrageous laws
That defeats reason
He’ll even make your homes
Feel like its prison

He will seize the very air
And sell it to us
And take one of our legs
So we must do what we must

That time approaches fast
Our peace will never last
So when you see me on one foot
I just told you the truth

I live for today
But am thinking of tomorrow
For never do I want
To drown myself in sorrow
I hope you’ll do the same
So ends my lovely tale
Have a beautiful day


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