Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2017

I PERSPIRE~by Balachandran Nair




When eye perspire,you call it tear,
Come forward, console.
When heaven perspire,you call it drizzle,
When heaven perspire profusely
Call it rain, store, reuse.
When shocked, frightened,
Syncope, milled, exhausted,lost,
I perspire out of hurt inside,
Deeply hurt inside.Thus I
Cry thru numerous deep
Holes, pores inside-out.
You looking for tear, blood,
As synonym for pain,
Never bother to comfort.
Seeing one cry, you too cry.
Seeing one perspire,
You too perspire? seldom!
For last few dreaded days
Reading, watching news of
Father molesting daughter,
Grand father – grand daughter,
Son – stepmother, teacher – pupil,
Police – victim, judiciary – junior,
Clergy – believer, driver – traveler,,
Master – servant…and so on,
Not spared are children, old aged.
Now frightened of parents are child,
Frightened of teachers are pupil,
The bond is broken, trust is shaken,
Whole family, society, distrust,
Dis-earn each other, afraid, avoid,
Oh My God! the day is not far, even
Idols of Gods and Goddesses perspire,
Come out, demonstrate in streets
For their treatment and worship by
None other than their own sex!



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