Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2017

If we hug a rainbow~by Nutan Sarawagi



If we hug a rainbow

Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

If we hug a rainbow in it to see
the colours within us just to be
in its colours hugging us in it to be

green for the life we live under this earth
blue for the sky the roof it gives us
red for the gushes of love within us
to flow in our veins calming us
spreading in its crimson
as it paints the sunset sky in its glow to blush

the yellow dancing to the rhythms of the wind
in the flowers flowing in its music
in marigolds caught to the beat of its strings
in their stems turning around to the earths whims
to smile its smile within us ..
in the orange to paint the sunset within us ..
in the purple to find the love with in us
in the indigo to set us free
as the earth cries in glee
see the colours of the rainbow in your dreams to fill it in the streams
in its reflection to be that endless me in that dream to fill up in hues of me
be me
as I stretch from one end to the other to find that pot of gold
fill me
with me


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