Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2017

……………..You’re a Sweet Heart……………~by Blender Magpie



……………..You’re a Sweet Heart……………

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While by the bank with some thoughts,I saw the ageless streams pass,
Telling Time’s priceless tales of youth tossing tides full to capture,
Dreams between the earth and the sky flying through the air to meet,
Beloveds strewn across various lands that pull him to widen gyres.

It’s here where I often imagine her by murmuring waves that never cease,
Between two ends,racing steeds sail by in unabated longing for embrace,
I trace her beside him lying in mutual arms consoling skins keen for kisses,
Restricted lips reddened while they pressed two lemons in bed for hot tea.

They complain I enhance morn,noon and eve and conceive all airs alone,
I observe stiff tongues stifled within a frequent rebukes to cremate ashore,
In humble freedom,I begin my day begging apology to those peas I hurt,
And far from unwilling hearts,I’m an awarded victim of wilful imagination.


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