Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 21, 2017

A VICTIM OF ONESELF… ~by suzette portes san jose

in acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose
A VICTIM OF ONESELF… by suzette portes san jose




being a victim of oneself is forever;
…we wish to live a life of our own
…choose the way we wanted them
…spend our days in most ways we love

believing that everything we do
makes what is best for us….

things will never make a change
…not unless we desire the same
…in thoughts and visions to believe
…we consciously perceive

nothing in mind anticipates
everything that should be accounted for…

until it is too late to come back
…where things shouldn’t be what it is now
…when you can no longer say sorry
…all that there was, is regret

what had been done is done
and there is no way out…

you are the victim that suffers
…failed to achieve the best desire to live
…thrown away the chance of a lifetime
…judged in ways that life turn out to be

all we can have is a grip
of anything left from what is wasted

a victim of oneself
…unmasked for being who you are
…an emblem of soul imparted
…into ashes a life to heed on

would it be a part of history
to attain real life and exist without regrets

the failure to linger on…forever

copyright 3/21/2017
(c) suzette portes san jose


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