Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 21, 2017

” GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE ” # 52~by Michael Patton




Good morning sunshine, light my way.
I feel the love in your golden rays.
Caress my skin in your warm embrace.
You bring a joyous smile to a weary face.

Another bright new day with your sweet sunrise.
Another breath I take from your gift of life.
A symbolic relationship that keeps me alive.
A two-way love for a one-way ride.

Your glowing love beauty is hard to resist.
Didn’t know love like that could even exist.
I thought love was on the endangered list.
But you blew me away with only a wisp.

You give happy sunshine to my soul.
It fills me up with your rays of gold.
A happy sunshine to my weakened heart.
To keep at bay love’s poisoned darts.

Your happy sunshine fills my eyes.
When gazing up into your blue skies.
You bring happy sunshine to my lips.
Which allows me to praise you just like this.

In your glow, I forget all of my sorrows.
You light the path of my dark tomorrows.
You always shine as pure love defined.
Sending tears of joy up and down my spine.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2016


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