Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 22, 2017

” FOUR ON THE FLOOR ” # 53~by Michael Patton




I saw your sweet ass from across the room.
I felt my heart going boom, boom, boom.
You look like a fast machine, varoom, varoom.
Let’s take a wild ride in my hotel room.

You look so classy with your hot little chassis.
I want to take you for a spin.
Your bucket seats are a man’s wet dream.
And I can’t wait to slide right in.

Grab hold of my hardcore manual transmission.
Four on the floor and many other positions.
I’ll get your motor so hot your radiator’s hissing.
Ride all of my rides for the price of admission.

We’re grinding gears as we’re grinding our bodies.
Laying rubber on the streets to show everybody.
It’s a long, long road and we just got started.
And I’ll show you roads that aren’t even charted.

I got the right kind of fuel your body needs.
It’s got full octane and a touch of tease.
So grab my handle and give it a squeeze.
And I’ll fill your tank with my gasoline.

Kicking it now into overdrive.
A screaming engine, just my style.
Moaning, groaning, sweating paint.
Dig your tires into my pavement.

This ride ain’t over quite just yet.
A blown out motor don’t get no rest.
My tank still has three-quarters left.
And I ain’t leaving until your motors spent.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2016



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