Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 22, 2017

Special Moments~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Special Moments

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Harrison our Grandchild, came to visit this day
Peppa the pig 🐷to watch, and the leggo at bay
Chatting with my wife, in our lounge about
Harrison fetching from leggo box to out
Ten to the dozen, searching blocks to erect
Architecting and erecting, with cause and effect
This child designing, only 3 years old to show
Magnificent building 🏠.full of colour n glow

He turns and runs to grandad, “look at this”
This beautiful creation I smile in bliss
He explains the police land on the roof at top
They need hand rails, inside to floor to drop
Opens the door, to show the policeman inside
Swings a widow, showing him looking outside
Please take a picture to my daddy to see
Send one to my mummy as well from me

That special moment I will cherish for life
This little man sharing with me and my wife
A special creation a building with two feet
His joyous creation wanting to share, so sweet
Artistic creation full of character I find
Coming from so young, such a creative mind
Life’s special moments, always shining through
This special moment , I will share it with you

Poetry by

Copyright Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea


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