Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2017

Knock ! Knock ! ~ by Swapna Behera



Knock ! Knock !
Swapna Behera

Be silent dear islands, mountains and rivers
The youth tired and wiry
withered ; in hibernation
Searching Google to express emotions of love
Just a minute; let him sleep and dream
Love swirls ,swims in his blood
Love is acredited or debited
Or is it never deposited ?
Nations are drops of dew in the bucket of winter
Love is in the nests of sparrow
Is love a portrait or a proposal ?
hung in the front room with dry flowers
Dear leaves don’t ever feel degraded
The google is colourful
The ducks are muddy in the real pond
Is there none to welcome love ?
The child is alone in his own planet
Where is the whistling ?
Where is the canopy?
No hip hop of visions
Everywhere the traffic of money
Knock knock
May be love at the door
with astounding graphics of eternal logo
Listen to the splendour of the nature, forests and rivers
They are the love makers,
song makers and profound progeny
The cumus or cupids !!
Knock knock …….

Copyright @Swapna Behera 26.3.2017


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