Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2017

” Spiritual Journey”~by Haraeen Hussain



” Spiritual Journey”

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor

I have been to the distant lands
I made spiritual journeys
Been to the temples of inspiration
To eat the food of knowledge
Wondered in the spheres
Of emptiness, singleness and liberation
Like a lonely bird in the sky
Then you hold my hand in essence
In the open expanse of love
Took me to the mirage of eternity
Above from the clouds
To tranquil my sensation
And purge my soul
I bathed in an unpolluted lake
I wore the garments of light
And saw the miraculous figures
On the mystic curtain of the world
You lit the fire to my burn my heart
I saw the splendour from the eyes of soul
And the work of eternity on the white canvas
The sun itself faded, illuminated the heart of the universe
The entire cosmos turned into a Sea
Light of love rose up
From the breasts of the earth
Songs of joy in the stars
Lovers dance in the night
Angels or mortal beings
In the clear moon light
Imagery so divine, so beautiful
The mirror set before our eyes
We saw the unseen and merged in intimacy
We breathe in oneness
The meaning of our unity
And the purpose of the spiritual journey
Concealed when I reached
To the ultimate desire of light….

Haraeen Hussain


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