Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 27, 2017

Take Me Back~by Hela Tekali



Take Me Back

Take me back
To where I belong
For in your eyes
I see my home.
Take me back
Make me light,
Vast and weightless
Like the sky
Luminous and glaring
like the moon
like the sunlight and its fragrance
When spreading across the world.

Let me float
Out and away
On the notes
Of a molten love song.
Spinning out
into space
Sprouting like a flower
Into your garden of love
Flourishing everywhere
With petals swirling
Their passionate dance.

I am weary to my bone
To the core of my core
You are the bone of my heart
The endless cycle
Of my never-ending desire.

Take away
The trace of all traces
The memory of my broken
Tarnished, blemished self
of anything and anyone
that left me with indelible scars.

Make me no one
But a molten dust
Lost in your infinite space
Oh dear God!
Oh my Endless Love!
Take me back
And set me free
Make my spirit blazed
With the fire of your love.

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry
Take Me Back


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