Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2017

Question~by Glinjo Glinjo




So many have tried to tell about God and his greatness throughout history
Using phrases and words to try to make you listen and finally see
But each person will have to fight -or not -for their very own soul
It is a battle the spans decades in views of how it will untold

A battle that is weighed and won or lost from birth until you die
To determine where you will go to fire or into the sky
Some think there is no going -when you die- it is the end
While others believe in heaven where they begin again

Still others have there own ideas like me -I’m sure- like you
Of where they think we will all go when all this world is through

Contemplate? Some don’t ponder a thing they think is not for real
But what if perhaps it is? Then how would you feel?

Would you dare to say or do the things that we all daily say and do?
If you knew beyond a shadow of doubt someone was watching you
And if somehow that someone was a God that dealt your fate
Would you put more effort in the life you perpetrate?

Or would you stand by everything that you have done thinking it will make you free?
In my mind only one knows all the answers of what will be
He opened up his mouth breathed life into you and me
Gave up his life that I might wake from my worldly induced sleep
Understand I was not just born -but that he created me
Remember he made a promise and those he always keeps
Like a thief he will come and every eye shall see
And if somehow that might be true would it be wise to take a knee?


Gloria TiBi Domine


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