Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2017

AT LAST, AT LEAST….~by Balachandran Nair




You, darling, are lucky you are gone
Gone, leaving us behind without warn
Myself, left with two girls own, our born
Tear, pain fail to suppress, so I moan
I was not rich, you too a casual labour
You toiled hard to reach us harbour
Children grew, knew no clamour
But we failed miserably in armour
Life’s essential financial grammar
Elder sister’s eyes flashed gleam
Proposals came, she started dream
Worried, you started work over-time
My heart, pressure-cooker, ejected fume
Now gone, lucky you are, fallen abrupt
No friends, relatives come and act
They all know we are bankrupt
Land owner served notice to evict
Proposals came, showed haste to reject!
I am still young (but over-age for Govt.)
I fear society’s trend beset berate
The sisters repeatedly read, deliberate
News of de-criminalising suicide attempt
Then shall not I too make an attempt
To put our own lives to end abrupt?

(c) 29/03/2017…bala….

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