Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2017

Chase~by Glinjo Glinjo




You chase the dollars- Dinero-money every single day
But do you also comprehend the fact that you should pray?

The money for the things- I get it -yes I do- i know
I have the same things rent- bills-food-and worries for tomorrow

Yet the bird he said does not worry about such petty things
Just swoops and swirls soaring on feathered God given wings

But the homeless and the poor are still around you say and
What part of that will be helped if I kneel down to pray?

He also said another thing free choice will he provide
So if our world is a mess is he the one to blame?
Or should the finger point at all of us -our free will has been claimed

He also said the poor would always be with us -on this earth right here
Yet some of us don’t read those words that seem to make that clear

Maybe more time spent reading the Bible would improve our way of life
Or maybe to some they are just words and they will continue in their strife

I don’t know all the answers no one down here really does
But wouldn’t it be better if we just learned to spread the love?
Leave the hate and ridicule behind us -maybe one day we finally can
We will learn to respect and uplift our fellow man
The free will has been given
Do we even have a clue? Be careful what you decide
Someone is watching you

Gloria TiBi Domine


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