Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2017

Daily missive for Wednesday the 29th of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 29th of March.

Dreamless days
Even in beauty
There is a place for goodbye
Between the sun and the sky
Reflections bouncing
Like echoes
Splitting across the water
Splintering into a million shards
Wherein lies the rapture
Of melancholy
The ecstasy of longing.
When each harsh
Rasping breath
Is an embrace of euphoric
A realisation of truth.
There is no prayer
Miracles do not happen
Luck is no lady
We are subject to chance
Inexplicable happenstance
The wonder of you
An orchestra of circumstance
A dissolving miasma
Of memories
Without a life raft
To stay the experience
Of sinking.
What were we thinking
To believe in
Happy endings
When everything has a time.
Even finales
Are not a given
They happen in series
Perhaps there will
Be a sequel.
Retain me
Give the story a chance to evolve
Even at the opening
The image re-conjured
Is overlaid
By a dissolve into reality
Whatever that may be.
Let it go
Slip into the imagination
It is nearer the truth
Than I first believed.
Tell it to the dreamers
Whisper into the ears
Of schemers
Who say they will pray
For the souls of non-believers
Nothing makes sense
Until you have grieved
All the tapestries
Have been weaved
And the final tableaux
A depiction of resolve
Is revealed.


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