Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2017

A Small Day in Life~by Nakshatra Singh



A Small Day in Life

I left my house early,
To collect a rose or two,
And whatever life could offer.
I was so full of hope,
And my bag ready to be filled.
First step out and came the sun,
Glorious, full of light, rising,
No life, yet so full of life.
Few steps forward and the kids,
Screaming, joyous and merry,
Every face glowing, radiant,
Little Suns in their mornings.
I walked on, my bag fragrant,
In the garden, on a lone bench,
A couple, huddled hand in hand,
Aha, the messengers of life,
Before long they would create,
A new messenger, and so on,
The sun was hot and vigorous,
As if in prime of youth.
It was evening at last,
In the porch sat my parents,
Watching the evening in their eve,
O beloved son, tired you look,
Have something to eat and rest,
The sun was calm and mild,
Slowly sinking in the west,
As if retiring to rest.
A small day, morning to the eve,
But the bag was very much full,
Different colours, roses all roses.
Musing on my rocking chair,
I took a deep breath and smiled,
Yes, o dearly beloved life,
I agree, divine are your ways…

By – Nakshatra Singh

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh


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