Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2017

After the bird Flies – – – -~by Swapna Behera



After the bird Flies – – – –
Swapna Behera

After the bird flies
the nest is hollow ,dusty
An endless effort to keep
it clean and glossy
Aloud chat with the neighbours
about the NRI son
and his affluent swimming pool
grandson’s BirthDay celebration
observed in the net
A twiddle in the Thumbs
hang around and sleepless wait
For they may come one day
Delicious menu is fixed
fresh river prawn with coconut juice
but tears delete ;
accredit cataract
diabetes heart oozes blood
kidney never filters
the bird never returns
Pathos makes the body pathological
the son stays there for ever
The nest is cobwebbed
and dusty forever and ever – – –

Copy right @Swapna Behera


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