Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2017

Daily missive for Thursday the 30th of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 30th of March.

Is your world the same
Or different to mine
Does it collapse into itself
Reveal an underside
Covered in forgotten memories.
A collection of used stamps
From an old album
Countries that no longer exist
The Queen’s head
Saturated in dirty oil.
Old pennies worn
From too much handling
A broken record
A seventy eight
On Blueberry Hill
I never did find my fill.
A bone china dinner plate
The last in a set
Wrapped in a patchwork quilt.
An old comfort blanket
Tear stained from soggy nights
Trailing along dripping wet
Leaving a silver thread
Of mucus like a snail
With a sore head
In search of a succulent real meal deal
And a flower bed.
What would it be worth
To a collector if Fats Domino
Came a knocking
And with all that walking
He was thinner than Slim Whitman
Sang for his supper
Made a dog’s dinner
Of a protest song.
How is it that all the great books
Are far too long.
Reading the last page
To know an ending is all the rage
For the illiteraty in
Trendy independent coffee shops
Where the meaning of words
The turning of worlds…stops
For you as well as me.
Just don’t fall off
The edge of the table
Too little space and barely stable
But that is an altogether
Different story of the bright side
Just to the left of the right side.
Don’t think, drink
Open your eyes wide and smile
It is what we all do
To hide the truth
Of our own troubled worlds
I do…Don’t you.


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