Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2017

Men are just happier people~by rldubour



Men are just happier people

Image result for Men are just happier people

This writing is just for us guys

Men are happier and this is why.

Of what is expected from us simple creatures

That really should be featured!

Wedding plans take care of themselves

Gives us more time to play.

Our last name never changes

That will always stay.

Their gowns will cost five thousand

Our tux one hundred bucks.

It’s pretty hard not to admit

We men have all the luck.

A five-day vacation requires

We need just one suitcase.

We don’t have to worry

If our new shoes are going to ache.

We get extra credit for the slightest

Act of thoughtfulness.

We can hold conversations

With no one staring at our chest.

We never go clothes shopping

We hate the thought of being there.

Plus with all those different styles

When only need one pair!

We don’t have to think which way

To turn a nut or bolt.

Chocolates are just a snack

Like a root beer float.

We can wear white T-shirts to a water park

We never need directions even in the dark.

We are always right with our decisions

Can open our own jars.

Wrinkles bring out character.

No matter how old we are.

Sunday is our day of rest

Most will be in their favorite chair

With the remote control and cold six pack

Sports are everywhere!


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