Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2017

The Slob Rant~by Neil Perry



The Slob Rant

I dont have a girlfriend
But that doesn’t matter,
I eat lots of chocolate
And get fatter and fatter,
People say I’m as mad as a hatter –
But that doesn’t matter:

I spend my time, wasting my time
Watching T.V., when I’m not asleep,
People say that’s a first class crime
And that what you sow is what you reap,
But I keep sleeping my time away
And rarely see the light of day,

Folk say I’m lazy, a total slob
Why can’t you find yourself a job,
But I can’t find one, and why should I,
I dont want to work, I’m too workshy,

The thought of work
Makes me feel quite sick,
Why should I work
For some lunatic
Like Adolf Hitler
Or some such tyrant
Whipping their slaves
Till they all fall silent;

I want freedom
To be myself,
Why should I work
To ruin my health,

Better to be
Completely free
Eating chocolate
And watching T.V.

Than wasting time
On useless work
Slaving a way
For some greedy jerk

Who dont give a monkey’s
To who I am,
So why should I care
If my life’s a sham

Laying in bed
And watching T.V.
That is the life,
The life for me.


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