Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2017

“Beloved and I”~by Haraeen Hussain



“Beloved and I”

Image may contain: one or more people and night

I’m the reflection in beloved’s mirror
As the image and mirror are one
Framed in the intimacy of divine desires
This oneness has sown the seeds of compassion into my being
I wade incessantly your love for the union in paradise
I’m the only guest in your temporal inn
The only fire-winged star gazing your light
To be filled and enlightened
Seizing my passion in your love
Swaying the garments of life
And shimmering in divine reunion
Beyond the expanse, my soul sings beloved’s songs
In this holy bliss we breath musk in eternity
What a joy, beloved and I burn as the full moon
In the glory of ecstatic melodies
Entwined in the sameness, one love in the harmony of zenith
What a bliss, beloved and I dancing in an eternal ecstasy
In the paradise of lovers, vibrant and fresh
Mesmerized by drunkenness and perfumed deep in essence
Without boredom and tiredness
Eyes in eyes, as we encircled by the spirits
High into the peak of heavens
We touch the zest of eternal wholeness of love …..

Haraeen Hussain
“The mystic spirit”


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