Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2017






Teary globe smokes
in terror
in anger’s lips
eyeing innocent eyes
to feel ego’s fire
that burns me inside.

Waiting for me ?
I’m sure
to feel you in my heart
to steal your breath
that makes you warm
yellowing me
in rows of endless dreams.

My love for man
an isolated identity
can change your insight
pulling it back
to the burning present
to explore the distant past
the variable norms
that make the difference.

I’m in this globe
that rotates
in its own orbit
in its normal motions
independent of other paws
dictating me words of principles.

But it is teary now
to see
how you have left it
how you have demeaned it
in your race to stop the sun
stressing victory in a barren heath
to celebrate it all alone, in isolation.

Be human
I’ll be yours
if not,
think I’ll be lost in the mass
to seek love
to seek global peace
waiting for your easy return
to feel me and my desire for you.

Copyright@Bipul CH. Kalita, 01/04/2017


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