Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2017

The Travelling Companion~by Karen King



The Travelling Companion

He is our friend.
He travels to many places.
He sees dandelions, daisies,
Sheep, cows and horses.
He smells the freshly-cut grass
And feels the sun shining
Warmly on his body.
The wind buffets and threatens,
Yet still he holds on.

Car zoom by,
Their music booming,
Suffocating him
In exhaust fumes.
Dark, dingy houses
And industrial buildings,
Belching smoke
Pollute the landscape
And his view,
Yet still he clings on.

Planes travel overhead,
Forming white patterns
In the sky.
He decides he has had enough,
This world is overbearing.
It is a never-ending-challenge
Making a web on his mirror.
He scuttles back behind the mirror,
Into the safety on the darkness
And a more comforting world once more.
He is our travelling companion

Karen King Copyright 1 April 2017


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