Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2017

“Hurt”~by Nagasuseela Panchumarthi




Deeply hurt
By the unmannerly
Made by the Head
In the auditorium

Felt the beat
In the throat
Blood flowed fast
Into my veins

‘This isn’t fair’…
This isn’t fair’…
Roared my heart
With rage and fury
Like the fierce sea
On the full moon day

Wish to pay him back
With the same coin
Want to shout…
At him in public…

‘Cool’, ‘cool’ , ‘cool down’
‘Ignore’, ‘forgive’, ‘forget’
Don’t pay any attention
To such “silly insults”
Advocates my mind
Don’t lose your temper
‘Have patience’….
Suggested my senses

Mute with pain
Pray to God- in vain
Oh! Dear Almighty !
‘Bestow ‘manners’ and ‘wisdom’
On this proud poor creature
Make him retrospect ! —
Adopt ‘Sense and Sensibilities’

Came back to normal mood
I heaved a big sigh !
“How mean and brutal !
The man with….
Power and Position ?”




  1. this is so beautiful!

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